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Places to Go and Things to Think About
--Math That's Out There

Here's the link to the Museum of Mathematics
Check out the presentations.

The Virtual Math Museum--new ideas to think about.

So many problems---so little time!
Work with a partner on these. 

Puzzling Challenges from Ask Dr. Math

                 using manipulatives to model multiplication 

                            peer teaching in th
e math lab

many models, many methods
               MUCH success     


Photo Gallery of Math Lab Happenings
Hands On = Minds On 

baking at 350 degrees          SUCCESS!!       big number cups    
                                         All it took was a crown.
 1 lb of onions      weighing a very BIG carrot         BINGO!

making 3D figures from 2D materials

finding prime and composite numbers
                 rolling die to practice place value
                             pretzel place value 

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